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Unwanted tattoos don’t have to be a permanent reminder of things you would rather forget. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive way to safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoos . This treatment is for full or partial removal to allow for a new tattoo to be applied, or to have the tattoo completely removed. All laser tattoo removal treatments are administered by our certified, experienced laser technicians, using only medical-grade CSA-approved laser equipment.

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Tattoo removal prices depend on the size and intricacy of the tattoo.

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Please book a complimentary consultation with one of our certified laser technicians who will be pleased to discuss a treatment plan for your tattoo removal.

How does it work?
Laser tattoo removal works by delivering a high-powered, short, pulsed beam of light, which passes through the skin and breaks up tattoo pigment particles. These particles are absorbed by the body, and with time, colours eventually fade and skin returns to its natural colour – often with no trace of the original tattoo. Each treatment lasts up to 30 minutes, with 6-8 weeks between treatments. The number of treatments required varies, and can be determined following a consultation with one of our experienced laser technicians.
Is laser tattoo Removal Safe?
Yes, it is. When performed correctly by a certified, experienced laser technician, laser tattoo removal is both safe and effective. However, it is a clinical procedure. As such, there is a potential for associated risks. As a professional laser tattoo-removal clinic, we will not perform any procedures without first assessing your complete medical history, your current health condition, and any potential you may have for complications. Lasers are our specialty and our technicians have years of experience working on a variety of medical lasers every day. These facts make Electra Laser your best choice for tattoo removal. Additionally, we provide all clients with protective eyewear that must be worn during treatment. Please visit Health Canada to see what they say about laser skin treatments, including tattoo removal.
Will it remove my tattoo 100%?
Most tattoos can be considerably diminished and many can be completely removed. Some tattoos can be removed more easily than others, depending on the following factors:

  • Colour, quality, quantity and depth of pigment:  Certain pigments—black, red and dark blue—respond better to the laser than do green, orange, and light blue or pink pigments. These lighter pigments can rquire more treatments to achieve your desired results. Professionally applied tattoos use ink intended to be permanent and can require more treatments than amatuer or medical tattoos.
  • Age of the tattoo: Older, blurred tattoos that have migrated from their original site can be more difficult to remove.
  • Location on the body: Tattoos on thinner-skinned areas—such as ankles or fingers—are more difficult to remove than those placed on thicker-skinned areas, such as the abdomen and shoulders.

Some areas may retain a shadow of the former tattoo, which will fade gradually. During your complimentary consultation, your certified laser technician will assess your tattoo and give you a more precise estimate of the number of treatments you will require.

How does the laser remove my tattoo?
Tattoos consist of thousands of tiny particles of pigment (ink) that have been injected into the dermis, which are suspended in the skin. Normally, the healing process and cell turnover remove small foreign particles from the skin. However, tattoo pigment particles are too large to be removed during these natural processes. Laser tattoo removal uses technology in which a high-powered, very short, pulsed beam of light is delivered at specific wavelengths—1064nm (nanometres), 755nm or 532nm. The beam passes through the skin and breaks up tattoo pigment particles of all colours and shades into smaller particles. These particles are then gradually eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system. Eventually, the tattoo fades in much the same way that a bruise fades over time.
Do I require a consultation and test first?
Yes, we will book a complimentary* consultation appointment for you with one of our certified laser technicians prior to scheduling any laser tattoo-removal treatments. This is for your own protection, and we cannot make exceptions. At this time, you should also share with us any past experience you have had with laser skin treatments. During your consultation, we will perform a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions. We will also address any concerns you might have at this time. You are responsible for informing your laser tattoo-removal technician of any medications or natural health products you are taking; and of any underlying medical conditions you have. These are critical details that we must consider when customizing your laser tattoo-removal treatments. Your first treatment can be scheduled 2 – 4 weeks after your patch test, at which time your technicain will determine your skin is completely healed prior to proceeding.
Is it Painfull?
It can be uncomfortable. People who have undergone laser tattoo-removal treatment compare it to the snap of an elastic band against the skin. However, we all experience pain differently and tolerance is a variable factor. In preparation for your treatment, you may wish to take an over-the-counter, non-Aspirin® product such as Tylenol®. DO NOT take Aspirin® products as they can increase the risk of bruising and/or bleeding. Please see our Pre-Treatment Care for further information.

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